Fire Proof Safe/Cabinets


Theft and burglary are on the rise throughout the world. The inflated rates of gold and silver have in turn led to acts of shoplifting and larceny. Many people store their valuables in safes that are totally unreliable and that can be opened in just one blow from an assailant. Most people settle for inexpensive safes and cabinets and completely neglect the aspect of durability of the safe or cabinet. They realize their mistake only after their belongings are gone! This is similar to the proverb- 'There is no use crying over spilt milk'. Rather than lamenting about the theft of your valuables, it would be wise to prevent them from being stolen.

Is it enough if a safe is just durable to attacks from intruders and thieves? If an intruder perseveres to steal your valuables, then he will not just try attacking it manually, but will also try opening it with a welding torch, or by setting the knob on fire. Hence, in addition to buying a safe or a cabinet that is resistant to attacks, it is also important to buy one that is resistant to fire and heat treatments by thieves and intruders.

There are several factors to be considered while being fire proof safes or fire- resistant cabinets. Please read on to know more.

1. Choose cabinets/safes that have a double-walled construction and that are made from fire proof safe or fire proof cabinets material. Fire-resistant materials in safes ensure that they are resistant to fire attacks. The presence of two walls ensures that they are immune to relentless attacks by an intruder.

2. While choosing safes, ensure that their body and the door are made from high grade steel formed using superior steel-bending techniques. This ensures that the safe cannot be unlocked by drilling machines or by hitting with a hammer.

3. Choose safes and cabinets that have modern locking mechanisms. It is wise to opt for cabinets that are equipped with a dual control key lock. A dual control locking mechanism is that in which the topmost drawer acts as the master-controller of all other drawers, though the other drawers can also be individually controlled if necessary. While choosing a safe, opt for one that has an automated self-locking mechanism. An automated self-locking mechanism is that in which the lock gets activated on its own if someone attacks it, or if someone tries using explosives to open it. One could also avail safes that are electronically controlled.

4. Choose safes depending upon your requirement. Cabinets and safes are available in different sizes and are equipped with different features. Before choosing a cabinet or a safe, make a list of all your valuables and credentials and manually calculate the room space that they will require. Then, talk to a manufacturer and choose a safe/cabinet that suits you.

5. While choosing cabinets, choose one that is extend-able. This is because your office documents grow with your business growth. Hence, there is a need to keep increasing the room space available within a cabinet.

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