Fire Resistant Cabinets


The entire filing cabinet has a double wall construction with a fire resisting compound in-between. The sheet metal thickness has been maintained to a minimum to minimize the condition of heat and has been substantially reinforced at vital places to withstand impact. Each drawer is housed in separate fire resisting compartments.

Poured cement insulating material forms a monolithic barrier and does not powder, flake or break.

The tongue and groove construction between the door and the body jambs prevent the passage of hot gases and flames into the drawer.

Drawers roll-out fully, freely and quietly. In an emergency a mere push will close an open drawer and secure automatically.

A 6 level dual control key lock on the top drawer controls all drawers. However, individual drawer latches allow the users to leave one or more drawers unlocked with the plunger in the lock position.




Fire Resisting Filing Cabinet

Fire Resisting Filing Cabinet 
Overall Outside Dimensions in mm (inches)
Net Weight
Type Height Width Depth Kgs. (Approx)
4 drawer 1572 (61") 541 (21") 806 (32") 375
3 drawer 1210 (47") 541 (21") 806 (32") 280
2 drawer 845 (33") 541 (21") 806 (32") 185
1 drawer 483 (19") 541 (21") 806 (32") 97
Clear inside dimensions of drawer H:289mm, W:385mm, D:646mm
Volume per drawer 0.072 m3 (2.54 ft3)

Computer Data Cabinet for Magnetic Media



Double walled construction with specially developed ‘Fire Resisting Compound’ In between to have lower thermal conductivity.

Meant to with stand temperatures up to 900* C keeping internal temperatures within 170* C critical temperature for paper.


The door is securely into the body on the Tongue- Groove principle A total of 8 nos. shooting bolts lock the door end a dual control 6 lever keylock locks the movement of the bolts


The Insulation in the inner cabinet is kept absolutely moisture free and is cast to form a monolithic barrier. The joint of the inner door and the inner body is hermetically sealed by a special long the rubber channel lining which gets compressed due to the clenching mechanism of the inner door to the inner body preventing ingress of heat, & moisture.


  • Cabinet can be fitted with racks (shown in picture) for storage of tapes.
  • Microfilm cartridges can be stored in drawers specially designed to suit your requirements.
  • Extendable shelves can be provided for hard discs and disc packs.
  • Hanger bars can be fitted for tape seals.
  • Combination of all above arrangements also possible.